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Intervox® audible devices from International Components Corporation (ICC) provide ideal solutions for a wide variety of applications, including computers and peripherals, electronic devices, security systems, medical instruments, wireless communications and other high-tech applications. Manufactured to the highest standards, ICC Intervox® products offer highly-customized solutions, including required output frequency, sound output (SPL), voltage range, power consumption, tone type, mounting, and termination. ICC maintains availability at competitive prices. Within this website you'll find a wide range of standard products, complete with enough technical information for design engineers. Product specifications are listed so you won’t have to look elsewhere.  ICC Intervox® can customize a product to suit your needs whenever you have a unique requirement.

Pfannenberg Signaling Technologies Overview

In keeping with our Audible Signaling Devices line, ICC/Intervox is proud to announce we’ve become distributors of Audible and Visual Alarms for Industrial Safety from Pfannenberg, a German-owned and engineered line of Industrial Signaling Technologies.

Pfannenberg’s heavy duty and versatile audible signaling devices satisfy numerous alarm, warning, and indication requirements.  Horns and sirens, also known as “sounders”, are self-generating - the tones are pre-programmed into their circuitry and the sound is simply emitted when power is supplied.  Their loud acoustic signals (100 dB SPL to 120 dB SPL at the lowest setting) are widely used for generating evacuation alarms in the event of fire, toxic gas leak, or chemical spill.   Other applications for sounders include machinery start-up alarms, back-up warning systems, process upset signals, heavy equipment movement, and movement of doors, gates, cranes, and barriers.
Phannenberg’s sounders typically generate a variety of tones that can be user-selected (up to 80 pre-programmed tones). Some units are capable of delivering multiple tone stages. For example, one tone stage may signal evacuation, while a secondary tone stage may signal “all clear” or OK to return...


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