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Intervox® Overview

The Intervox® line of buzzers, transducers, piezo alarms, sounders, speakers and microphones were created to provide the design engineer with the ultimate choices in technology. Designed primarily for OEM applications, they are distinctive in virtually any environment. Intervox® components achieve a level of reliability, efficiency, and clear, penetrating sound quality. For dependability and long life, choose Intervox®.


Extremely small, lightweight, and dependable, Intervox® magnetic transducers were designed to fulfill limited space requirements without sacrificing sound quality. Intervox® transducers use lower frequency tones than traditional piezo devices and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and terminations for specific applications. Some pin-type units are sealed for wave-solder washing. Intervox® has also designed a series of transducers with surface mount technology.

Intervox® has designed a series to meet the growing demand for surface mounting of components. Available in both magnetic and piezo technologies, most are external drive types but several are available with built-in circuits. While they are smaller in size, the S.P.L. output is not at all compromised. Packaging styles include auto-insertion tubes and tape and reel.
The Intervox® Piezo Electric Buzzers were created to provide the ultimate in buzzer science while drawing lower current than other technologies. Distinctive in virtually any environment, these buzzers feature a level of reliability, efficiency, and clear, penetrating sound quality that is second to none. They are offered in lightweight compact sizes from the smallest diameter of 12 mm to large piezo electric sounders. Ideal for applications such as Alarms, Medical Instruments, Computers, Tablets, Cell Phones, Toys, etc.

Intervox® Piezo Electric Sounders feature reliability and clear, penetrating sound quality with Sound Pressure Levels (S.P.L.) outputs of 100 dB or greater at 1 meter. These buzzers require low power while producing clear, powerful sounds. They're designed for a variety of applications with a liberal selection of tones and mountings. Ideal for applications such as Alarms, Machinery, and Equipment Alerts.

When design demands extremely low profile devices, Intervox® offers a distinct selection of piezo elements to meet virtually any application. This includes standard external drive elements, types with feedback electrode, and double-sided ceramic models. Piezo elements are available in brass or stainless steel material. Intervox® is also prepared to customize our elements by adding wires and connectors when necessary. Please contact us for more information on this product category as all elements are made to order.

Intervox® solid-state electronic buzzers are designed for applications where low frequency sound is required. They are simple, rugged, and low cost. Considering these advantages, they still produce a rich, broad sound consistent with a wide variety of requirements. There are no mechanical points to arc or require maintenance, and RF noise is non-existent. Ideally suited for auto back-up systems, golf carts, and scooters.

This category consists of a wide variety of speakers - ranging in size from 1" to 4" in diameter. Ideal for voice or tone reproduction. These speakers are available in round, square or oval shaped frames with paper or mylar cones. These Intervox® speakers are used in computer peripherals, modems, telephones, security devices, electronic timers, recorders, etc.

Designed for multimedia PC and television applications, these speakers feature specially constructed magnets and shields to eliminate leakage that can change monitors, disks and other data storage equipment. Available in round, square and oval designs, for voice or music reproduction. Their size permits use in speaker boxes, providing excellent high fidelity sound. 

Intervox® Speaker boxes were designed for tablets, laptops, home theater systems, gaming systems, MP3 blue tooth sound devices, mobile devices and more. These speakers are extremely lightweight and durably constructed with easy flange mounting design and are available in impedance ranges of 4 and 8 ohm. They boast high SPL output , power wattage ranging from 1 to 5 watt and offer full frequency range.

Intervox® surface mount speakers include a sub-miniature SMT speaker, weighing just 1.5 grams and measuring just 15 mm x 15 mm x 4 mm, offering a robust power rating of 0.5W ~ 0.8W. The speaker is designed with materials suitable to withstand I.R. reflow.

Due to the demand for handheld computers and other portable devices, Intervox® has designed a series of speakers that have a height of less than 5.0 mm. In fact, some speakers in this category have a profile as low as 2.2 mm. The cone material is a durable mylar.

For applications requiring wider frequency ranges and high power ratings, yet needing to maintain a low profile, these Intervox® speakers are an excellent choice. The cone material is available in paper and mylar.

These Intervox® speakers are designed to be plugged into printed circuit boards and are ideally suited for computer and modem applications.  Intervox® PC Board Mounted Speakers are available, on a special order basis, in a variety of voice coil impedances. The most common impedances are 4, 16, 32, 45 and 100 ohms.

Our Intervox® Electret Condenser Microphone Element line consists of a diversified range of products that include omni directional, unidirectional, and noise canceling types. By using the finest materials, these microphone elements meet the demands of today's telecommunication, voice recognition and sensory device applications.

These microphones are available in various sizes and terminations so that they can be used in a variety of designs. Cable and connector assemblies for special applications are also available.

Our Intervox® Mems microphones are omni-directional, have a high signal-to-noise ratio, have maximum RF protection, have top or bottom port, and analog or digital capability, with high quality, ultra-stable acoustic performance.

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